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Zain- Found Objects, foam, paint, nails,
Zac - Found objects, foam, paint, gloves
Zander 2 - Found objects, foam, paint, g
Zebu-Found objects, gloves, foam, paint,
Zeke - Found objects, foam, paint, yarn,
Zander 1 - Found objects, foam, paint, g

The Zeds series, 2019, Boxes, expanding foam, tape, found objects, spray paint

Faces Faeces, Additional Shot 19.jpg

Copycats, 2019, Expanding foam, tape, found objects, spray paint on printed canvas

Faces Faeces, Additional Shot 21.jpg

The Watchers, 2019, oil, trimming on printed canvas

Leatherbags, 2015, Mixed Media

Glam Sperm, 2012, Trash bags, newspaper, found object, tape

Good Cock Bad Cock, 2011, Mixed media

I'm a Grower, 2010, Mixed media

Art Junk, 2010, Mixed media

Junk Art, 2010, Mixed media


Chair series, 2010, mixed media

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